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Shri Ganesha 2018 will be held in Cabella Ligure, Italy from 14th to 16th of September 2018.

Sahaja Marriages were established by Shri Mataji in the early days of Sahaja Yoga and are a sacred ceremony based on Divine principles, which elicit spiritual and material blessings. In Sahaja Yoga, couples have the unique opportunity to be blessed by the attention of our Divine Mother, Adi Shakti and Guru for this process. Sahaja marriages facilitate individuals’ spiritual growth and the growth of the world Sahaja collective, and have a rippling effect through families, communities and between countries. Shri Mataji generously blessed Her children through this institution, granting them the opportunity to have a happy family life and allowing born realised souls to come on this Earth.

The following document contains information about Sahaja Marriages that need to be known and understood by applicants. Please read it thoroughly before applying. It contains also information about how matches are performed, announced and marriages are performed. By signing the marriage application form you are expected to know and accept all the conditions and methods hereby explained. If there is any specific personal issue regarding such conditions and methods that requires the attention of the Marriage Committee please specify it on the form itself.

The full sets for each candidate (application + leader’s form), or any request of information, can be then sent on &


Sahaja Marriages Principles and Protocols Click here to download

Sahaja Yoga Shri Ganesh Puja 2018, Coordinators Confidential Form Click here to download

Sahaja Yoga Shri Ganesh Puja 2018, Marriage Information and Application Form Click here to download

Sahaja Yoga Shri Ganesh Puja 2018, RE-MARRIAGE Application Form Click here to download

Sahaja Yoga Shri Ganesh Puja 2018, International Privacy Policy for Marriage Click here to download